Year of the Niche at RSA


By Ericka Chickowski

Anyone who floats around a conference show floor for even a day will ask or be asked, "So, you see anything new or cool? Anything worth writing home about?"

The answer to that set of questions at this year's RSA securityfest was pretty much, "Meh."

The analysts and my fellow journalists all seemed to agree that there really wasn't anything revolutionary about the latest security toolsets, and certainly no buzzworthy new category such as the NACs or DLPs of past RSA conferences.

At best, what we saw were older products with a new revision, or new, smaller players that fit a very specific role within the infrastructure.

"I think it is the year of the niche," Pete Lindstrom, analyst for Spire Security, told me in the press room. "You've got a lot of vendors who fill just a little gap and work on one small aspect of security, but none of them make you say 'wow.'"


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