Timothy Kirk January 15, 2014 6:00 am

While the article is very compelling in the fact that our security is lacking updates, upgrades, better safeguards, and better training to spot identity theft, one primary issue remains: spending the money on research that closes security gaps, making it more difficult to steal data. Our biggest enemy works within the doors of the businesses targeted. We can try and blame the theft on the outside, but how does the theft get in? Someone that might have send a social media text, picture, or even an attachment. Now we have a breach from the inside. How many of our employees use our technology onsite everyday? The safeguards are not solely inside, but it starts there. As far as credit cards are concerned, we have made it to easy for everyone. Chip-based cards, yes, I believe that the only way for anyone to protect themselves is designing a credit card that uses your thumb print. Other methods could be designed for those that have no limbs, like a thumb. Just my thoughts and experiences in the techno-geek field.