More Books on the Way

By Brian P. Watson  |  Posted Monday, June 02, 2008 10:06 AM

As CIO Insight's unofficial librarian, I thought I'd take a minute and ask our valued readers just what they, well, like to read.

Each quarter we produce a package on new must-read books. (Here's the spring list, and here's the winter package.) The list usually covers works focused on management, leadership and strategic technology, as well as some entries from top thinkers and academics. My question is, are these lists as helpful as they can be?

Looking at the sheer Web traffic these packages draw leads us to think that readers like to keep up to date on the latest books in IT and management. I'm now working on our list for the third quarter of the year—the summer, essentially—and would like to hear from all of you.

Please take a few minutes with the quick questions below. Feel free to sound off in our comments section below or send me an e-mail at bwatson AT cioinsight DOT com.

Which broad topic (management, leadership, workforce, strategy, etc.) is of most interest to you?

Specifically, what sub-issues within that topic area would you like to read about, or learn more about books covering them?

Do you have a favorite author or authors in the IT/management arena? Please tell us who.

Would you like us to include more "how-to" books or manuals on specific technologies?

What else would you like to see us cover more (book news, excerpts, author interviews, etc.)?

Thanks for helping, and happy reading. Keep checking CIO Insight for a new list of the best books coming this summer.