IT and the Olympics


The Beijing Olympics is something of a re-release of China's brand. Are you paying attention? Warren McFarlan, the dean of American IT academics, calls the Beijing Olympics China's "national coming-out party." McFarlan's been watching China's development for almost 30 years now, and he sees enormous potential.

It's already the world's most competitive tech nation, but how many in the IT community actually know it?

China remains something of a mystery. Some see it as isolationist, others as the sweatshop of the world. But McFarlan says the country's tech adeptness and work ethic could vault it beyond that—and actually turn it into America's biggest competitor (and partner) in the coming decades. (I'll post the entire interview with McFarlan next week.)

Should the Olympics go well, we might be reading a lot more about the country's aspirations and competitive business and IT potential, instead of the usual bits about pollution, human rights and intellectual property violations.

In the meantime, tell us: how do you see China today? Is your company worried? Is it doing anything to expand business into the country?

P.S. If you're looking to educate yourself on China's IT and business potential, these books might help.


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