Using the iPhone for Business


Ed Cone's post on Apple yesterday made me laugh, because as hyperbolic as the headline may sound, it's got plenty of truth.

Just look at two other stories from Wednesday. First, Google and BlackBerry are getting into the app-store business, a clear nod that--in case you didn't know it already--phones are becoming more than just phones.

And then came news that Congress wants iPhones. Kinda funny, since I covered Capitol Hill as staffers started becoming Krazy-Glued to their CrackBerries. Wait till they get their hands on iPhones...

But all the news was also interesting because I've been realizing how useful my iPhone 3G really is. I bought it about two months ago with little intention of using it for business, but as the App Store grew, so did my options. So besides email, I have a few programs (including my blog software and Web-metric tracking program) installed, and I have to admit I use them a lot more than I expected. Granted, I work in a business where we have little use for major systems and apps, and most of my writing and editing work can't be done with a mini screen and tiny keyboard, but you get the idea.

And yes, I fully admit that I got the thing because I bought into the buzz. My company doesn't pay for it -- probably wouldn't if I asked -- so I had no great incentive.

Anyway, how many of you out there have iPhones that you use for some business purpose? We're curious to hear how they're working out.


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