Bufo Marinas November 16, 2007 3:26 pm

Hmmmmm, I have a couple of these . . . child units at home. Let's be more succinct and call them what they are, Teenagers. Texting, it disgusts me. Social Networks, just another excuse for not using the ultimate killer application, Speech. What may I ask, does a . . . teenager, need to optimize their time ordering Pizza? They have nothing but time! Even if your child is a 4.0 student, 3 sports(due to specialization, 4 sport athletes are becoming extinct), and a part time job, they still have plenty of time to call their friends and say, dude's, let's go get a pizza and chill. My son calls this Dad's Diatribe. He says I don't get Texting. At that point, I share the fact that I was texting when he was still peeing in his undies(which could have been just last week for all I know). We called it paging and if you recall, only drug dealers and on-call support personnel used them. Texting in the hands of . . . teenagers, is not a productivity tool. It is a toy which they alone can control. Ask any kid if he knows what standards exist for IM and SMS. Your very likely to get an answer such as, it doesn't matter, or better, you don't get it. It is simply the attraction of loving that feeling that, My parents don't get it. Which is most likely the truth. But don't confuse tech saavy as beinmg good at Halo 3, or becoming a social networkaholic, or being the fastest texter in the 11th grade, cause that is something I would expect to come out of my childrens mouth. Now as far as retailers realizing that they should tap into the . . . teenagers preferred method of communication, you think that is the first time the thought of that? That, my friends, has been going on since rock and roll first hit the streets. Actually, even before that. The only thing that has stayed the same, especially in this inflated age, is where the money still comes from. It comes from us. Parents and Grandparents. My advice, is educate your children beyond the scope of text messaging. Teach them how to be good citizens. Teach them how to tell the difference between a toy, and a tool. Teach them that if they want the toys and tools that most all yearn for, they need to first learn the value of hard work, not how fast or easy they can buy a pizza(just the example on the table, no pun intented). One comment regarding social hateworking. I liked it better when the kids would disrespect their peers in person, throw down, and get it over with. When its over, shake hands and put it behind you. I think that approach kept the pressure cooker from turning into a boiler explosion. At least we had a principal or a teacher on the playground. This crap is going completely unchecked. jeesh, what got me started here? Oh, yeah. Final advice. If you want to communicate with kids these days, you need to pull them over, turn off the distractions, talk to them sincerely and in an adult manner, ... then evidently promise them a pizza. : - ) Doh! Sincerely, Bufo ooping his diapers