Why Co-Bragging With Your CMO Is a Smart Idea


By Jack Rosenberger

“Co-bragging” is the act of teaming up with a friend or colleague at work and the two of you agree to mutually tout each other’s skills and accomplishments. I praise you, you praise me. The desired immediate goal, of course, is to receive appropriate recognition for a job well done.

If you haven’t heard of co-bragging, you’re hardly alone. You won’t find the word in Merriam-Webster’s, Dictonary.com, or other online dictionaries. Nor is there an entry for co-bragging in Wikipedia. I first encountered the term co-bragging in a recent Forbes article, “Why You Need to Brag More (And How To Do It),” by Peggy Dexler, and it is mentioned in only two sentences at the end of the article (which is well worth reading).

Everyone wants, and deserves, to be recognized for their skills and achievements in the workplace, but it’s difficult to ensure that one is fairly recognized. Indeed, the only person you can rely on to sing your praises in the workplace is yourself. But publicizing your own successes to coworkers is a difficult balancing act. When you’ve accomplished something that warrants recognition, you want to mention it in an appropriate manner, but you also need to avoid being seen as a shameless self-promoter. (When highlighting my accomplishments to coworkers, I tend to preface the conversation with a phrase along the lines of “I don’t want to come across as self-promotional, but I’d like to note that I ….”) Of course, tooting your own horn is never as believable, or palpable, as when a coworker does it for you.

For CIOs, the logical person to enlist for co-bragging is the chief marketing officer. Traditionally, CIOs and CMOs haven’t always worked well together, and co-bragging could improve that relationship—and strengthen it. Also, CMOs’ tech budgets are steadily increasing, with Gartner predicting that CMOs will spend more on IT than their CIO counterparts by 2017. Clearly, if you want to be friends with anyone in your organization, your CMO should be near the top of the list. After all, if you want to come across as a star CIO, having a C-Suite peer who regularly praises your work is pretty ideal.   

Co-bragging is also a concept that you should share with others in your professional life. Done right, it might cause them to brag about you.

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Jack Rosenberger is the managing editor of CIO Insight. You can follow him on Twitter via @CIOInsight. You can read his previous CIO Insight blog post, “Transform Your IT Team With a Persuasive Slogan, by clicking here.


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