MiamiWebDesigner July 31, 2008 5:17 pm

The McKinsey report entitled "Building the Web 2.0 Enterprise" is certainly best of breed. But like so many articles focusing on the topic, it gives no clear definition of what exactly "Web 2.0" is. It does provide a handy list of "Web 2.0 Tools", however, which might give us a clue. But what tops that list as the most important component of "Web 2.0"? Why "Web Services", of course! So, are we being asked to believe there were no Web Services before the techno-marketeers coined "Web 2.0"? Or, has the Web 2.0 framework (if such exists) been declared a Web Services superset and absorbed them all? Or, are some Web Services part of Web 2.0, and some not? And if so, how do we tell one from the other? Can we safely assume that anything labeled "Web 2.0" is Web 2.0? And if so, who's handing out the labels? Bruce Arnold, Web Designer, Miami Florida