Smartening Up U.S. Schools


Former FCC chairman Reed Hundt is wrong about the reasons for our inability to compete with the Chinese. It is the lack of creativity in the U.S. that is directly related to the poorly educated people graduating from our high schools and colleges. This poor education is a direct result of government interference in our school system, and the failure of our states and local school boards to reject that interference.

Consider that a child in China (Hong Kong) doesn't start to school until he is seven years old. He is given nine years of public schooling, and from then he and his family are on their own. By the time he is 20 years old, that child has had an excellent education and has often become highly creative.

Hundt is seeing the result of an American education system that has been "dumbed down," (see: Crisis Mode January 2007) until children simply cannot compete with any major industrial nation. Schools are to the point where they don't even require students to memorize addition, subtraction or multiplication tables any more.

Tell Reed Hundt to use his time to get the government out of schools, and let those few people left with creative genes bring the schools back up to world-class levels.

Ed Sparks Indianapolis


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