Searchable Flash


The technosphere is very excited that Flash applications and content are now quite searchable.

But what does it mean for the enterprise?

Darryl Taft quotes Bill Hunt, president of a SEO consultancy called Global Strategies International:

This is a pretty important breakthrough to highly creative and interactive sites such as Disney and Tiffany.com built with Flash and Rich Internet Applications can now be found, crawled indexed and ranked. For years, those with Flash sites have been conflicted with reducing the amount of flash or resorting to any number of less than optimal workarounds to get their content included in search engines let alone getting high rankings...Many sites have their most relevant content behind Flash introductions or product overviews

Flash search will work only for text and links, with some content -- including images and video -- still overlooked by search engines and searchers.

The bad news: this is a green light to produce a lot of unnecessary Flash sites (see Amy Alkon in the previous post).