Ibrahim Levent June 18, 2009 2:20 am

SaaS story goes back to Internet invention. The term has changed over time from ASP to On demand than today SaaS. Every ERP company tests this model to generate a new revenue stream but finally quits. I think ERP software is a big software to be used from Internet. Forget about ERP, what is the biggest personel/corporate software we use from Internet? For me, it is email client, that's all. There is still a very huge gap to reach SaaS wide adoption in ERP space. For a true successful SaaS, I think we need following items resolved: + ERP application should have a pure web architecture. Otherwise, a desktop application can't be sold as an Internet sofware, it would eventually fail. Also web front-end is not enough since an ERP vendor can truly maintain only one type of client at the same time. + Data center that serves ERP is a very critical for SaaS model. Quality of service is the number one problem that should be considered. Data center's system and operation success depend on how well the ERP is architectured for administration. Does it have load-balancing, fail-over, on-line installation, multi-company within same instance, run-time monitoring services, this list goes? Data center should serve the software as well as it is served within local customer system(Classical local deployment). If that service quality cost exceeds the cost of local deployment, then it won't be preferred. + Put here the classical adoption problems of SaaS model for companies like security, privacy, trust, integration problems, extensibility etc.