Readers Respond to Pulte's Cloud CRM Problems


Heavy traffic for Kontzer's post about Pulte's problems with a cloud-based CRM solution, and lots of comments, which you can read (and add to) beneath the article.

Among the major points:

-- The story is an indictment of the service agreement, not cloud computing itself.

Fair enough, but for a CIO caught up in this situation, something of a distinction without a difference.

-- Kontzer should have named the vendor.

In a traditional magazine article, yes. In a blog post, based on a conversations in which he promised a source not to do so, no. And as readers have pointed out, a very quick Google search makes the vendor clear, anyway.

Mike Kavis writes, "This is just another 'I failed therefore the cloud sucks' story."

James says: "Fortunately, these stories could soon be a thing of the past. Vendor lock-in is fading fast against the rise of commodity computing. And these days, there are already plenty of proven resources companies can use to build their own clouds ... with out the risk of vendors carrying shotguns."

Lots more in the thread.


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