PDF: Presidential campaigns


Internet honchos from presidential campaigns (Obama, McCain, Clinton, Romney, Paul, Edwards) talk about what's working online.

Tracy Russo of the Edwards campaign won't let McCain's Mark Soohoo wriggle free when he says it's no big deal that McCain doesn't use the net. Soohoo says the candidate understands it. Russo says you can't explain social networking to your grandmother and then expect her to really make use of it. (Related)

Obama's Joe Rospars says the candidate is the driving force behind his campaign's use of the net, with his background as a community organizer informing the whole campaign.

Rospars: We had to build tools to push information we captured about voters back to the local and state organizations.

Everyone digs MyBarackObama.com.

Soohoo says McCain has a community, it's just not on Facebook. Mindy Finn points to the grassroots success of Bush/Cheney '04.

Campaigns are both more decentralized because of new technology that empowers individuals and local groups, and more centralized because of microtargeting and other tech tools.

Russo says staffers have more leverage in arguing positions with candidates because they can back up their points with data from voters.


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