Nokia answers the iPhone


The buzz is deafening over Nokia's new touch-screen phone -- the phrase "iPhone killer" has about 100 recent citations at Google News, for example.

Apple cultists are unswayed, of course, and even less-biased observers don't expect Nokia to overthrow the King of Kool anytime soon.

The new phone -- codenamed "Tube" -- isn't even expected to be Nokia's flagship entry in the touchscreen market. That honor will belong to another product to be released after Tube.

What does it all mean for enterprise users? Good things. Other vendors will follow Nokia. More high-touch mobile devices that work on more networks, some costing less than an iPhone, will become available.

Apple was the pioneer in this space, and seems likely to produce the world's sexiest phones for some time to come. But businesses don't necessarily need sexy or pioneering products -- they need the solid, scalable versions that follow. And that's what the market is about to give them.


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