MSFT wants Mesh to be IT friendly


Reading Steve Gillmor is an adventure, and if you lose sight of the white rabbit for even a moment you may get lost. But buried deep in this essay about Microsoft's Live Mesh is a comment from MSFT exec David Treadwell that even I understood:

"That's one of the things we know we have to do a good job with Mesh; that is, to be IT-friendly, and to give IT control on what kinds of data can and can't be stored on this thing. In addition, one of the things that we expect to do longer-term is to allow IT departments to operate their own cloud storage mechanisms, such that data owned by that enterprise would only be stored on that enterprise's devices and that enterprise's servers. They would never go to Microsoft and they would have complete control of that data."

Good to have Gillmor blogging for our team at ZDE.


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