James Jordan February 25, 2009 9:02 am

I agree 100 percent. In this economy we need IT leaders to step up and show the business what IT can do. We have always understood cost containment; now we need to bring the business forward with top-line revenue growth. IT leaders should be leading the way to understand our customers and marketplace by leveraging management and mining of our customer data. We have the analytical skills to look at that data and come up with solutions that allow a business to interact and engage their customers in a whole new way to drive additional revenue from these customers and improve the relationship with these customers to lock the back door. By keeping customers we have--and exclaiming ways to deepen those relationships--is how you weather this storm. No one in the organization is in a better role to do that then a CIO. I was a CIO for many years and decided to start a new technology company in Indianapolis to help companies manage information better to allow them to decrease their cost and grow their top line. You can learn more about strategic data management at www.sdmindy.com