Alexis August 26, 2013 11:52 pm

I'd really like to see the oranigil interview sometime, just to see the full answers of Gresham.Silver Chair next? That's good, a lot of fans really wanted to have that one next. Will Poulter probably wouldn't return, but this would most definitely be a reboot anyways.Yes, seven years is longer than oranigilly thought, thought I consider we still have six years at the least, but hey, it gives people time to think and read the books and embrace them. Besides, we still have other teen franchises that might want to clear out of the way before releasing a less popular Narnia film. Leading into the next thing I'm not sure if I'd like to have the Narnia films be independent or not. I would think a low budget would be a problem to some battle scenes or even just the creatures, but again, CGI is becoming cheap. Visuals aren't my biggest concern though. It's just that I fear the films being too close to the books, strange as it may sound. It's just that with the BBC Narnia, the major problem was that they followed their source so closely, it became kind of hard to watch. But hey, we still have some time. Read the books and don't give up on not seeing any films for some time. Lucy didn't give up on Aslan in Prince Caspian when the others didn't. Lucky seven, don't fail us now.