Judges Differ on Olympic Performance


NBC really scored with its online Olympic coverage, says the New York Times (headline: "Web Audience for Games Soars for NBC and Yahoo").

The Wall Street Journal headlines its article, "NBC Didn't Cash In on Olympics Video."

Both papers cite the same revenue figure for NBC's web venture: $5.75 million. The WSJ says the network could have made a lot more from ads on video clips, and compares the Olympics to the NCAA basketball tournament, for which CBS sold $23 million in ads.

CBS made it easy to watch the basketball games, NBC controlled access order to protect TV advertisers and the primetime viewing numbers.

I watched the NCAA tourney on my son's laptop during our family vacation. Even though I lamented some of NBC's primetime coverage choices, I clicked away from their unfriendly online video site both times I visited without watching a second of footage.

I'm not a network accountant, but I think the Journal tells the tale more accurately than the Times.


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