IT Salaries on the Rise...Kinda.


Looking to land one of the highest paying jobs in IT?

Well, hopefully you found one already. Otherwise, it appears there was little luck in the past two years--and 2010 won't be much different.

A new report from Computer Economics finds that companies will shell out raises for IT salaries to the tune of 1.8 percent. That's down slightly from the 2.0 percent raises IT pros got in 2009, and significantly from the 3.5 percent they received in 2008.

Still, Computer Economics puts a positive spin on the "meager" raise in salaries:

By historical standards, the 1.8% median pay raise is meager, as shown in Figure 1. But in light of still-high unemployment rates, the finding indicates IT executives are responding to the need to retain their best workers and boost damaged morale.

And then there's this:

That most IT workers will receive raises does not mean median total compensation will rise at the same rate, or at all. With persistent unemployment, organizations will be able to hire new workers at rates lower than those who were laid off during the recession. This should place downward pressure on U.S. national median salary levels over the coming months.

The salary bumps start at the bottom of the IT shop and shrink as you go up. Developers take the cake this year, with a 2.1 percent jump. IT operations pros come second (2.0 percent), followed by server/network experts (1.9 percent). IT managers (1.7 percent) and IT executives (1.3 percent) round out the top five in terms of raises.

The salary increases coincide with a reported rise in IT budgets this year. And IT pros appeared much more optimistic about the IT job market and the overall economy last quarter than they did at the same time in 2008.

That's the good news. Clearly the bad news is that there isn't as much cash in IT professions as many had been hoping for...

Are you getting a raise this year? Is your company planning to pay more for IT skills in 2010?


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