IT Remains a Bright Spot in Gloomy Jobs Data


Once again, IT employment rose in the face of otherwise horrible job numbers. Today's release of November statistics from the BLS shows a jump of about .2% 2.7% in computer systems design and related services. Management and technical consulting services, meanwhile, rose by an even smaller amount 1.7%. [Thnx to alert reader Bill Reynolds of Foote Partners for pointing out that I initially mistook the absolute job-growth numbers for a percentage gain.]

Manufacturing jobs in computers and electronic products continued to decline; the job losses were not steep -- about 1/2 of 1% -- but they included every sub-sector of the category.

The overall report was gloomy, showing a drop in nonfarm payroll employment of 533,000 jobs, and a rise in unemployment from 6.5 to 6.7 percent.

Last months numbers.