Is Demand Overburdening IT Shops?


Most CIOs would agree that there's certainly a lot of waste created by excessive demand on their IT shops. And, surely, many of those demands can be met by leveraging existing systems. (Let's not forget, too, why so many IT projects get killed.)

But this issue is an even bigger one today because it goes to two key issues: cost reduction and efficiency improvement. Month after month, our research shows the continued emphasis businesses are putting on cost and operational efficiency, whether it's in emerging technologies, Web 2.0/collaboration or just managing through the downturn.

Susan Cramm, a former CFO and CIO and now president of Valuedance, an IT coaching and leadership development consultancy, recently wrote about the challenge of reducing IT demand in a recent blog entry. It's pretty easy (but don't tell that to IT managers).

And she offers a few tips:

1) Evaluate the idea with the cold, cruel eye of a VC. 2) Check to see if the capability already exists.

3) Ensure that you are ready to devote the necessary resources.

4) Verify that the idea is as good as you think.

So, IT pros, it's your turn: is IT demand hurting you in your job? If so, what are you doing to curb it? Sound off in the Comments section below.


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