How IT Execs Can Learn Web 2.0


Almost nine of 10 Baby Boomers in IT say their Generation Y colleagues are tech savvy, and 40 percent of them have asked these younger workers to school them on flashy new-ish technologies like social media and texting.

That's one of several interesting nuggets from The Center for Work-Life Policy's new study on what IT shops are doing to get workers of all eras involved in collaboration. As two of the group's veeps write on Sylvia Ann Hewlett's HarvardBusiness.org blog, Gen Y may just be the secret weapon for boosting adoption and buy-in across the organization.

CIO Insight's Ed Cone pointed to this trend in late 2007 in an in-depth story on the IT generation gap. But it's clear that it's taken awhile for it to truly come to fruition.

It seems logical, right? The Millennial generation grew up with technology, so it was only a matter of time for them to start putting their tech savvy to work in IT organizations.

In CIO Insight's June issue, contributor Elizabeth S. Bennett looks at the state of social media adoption in the enterprise, with first-hand takes from Dell, Cisco and Booz Allen Hamilton.

I've heard a few CIOs describe just how the younger generation is pitching in, particularly on Web 2.0, but I haven't heard a whole lot from most IT leaders.

So, tell us, IT pros: Are you looking to Gen Y workers for ideas on how to make social media work for your business? What kinds of ideas are they providing?

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