Green Shoots


We've written a lot this year about managing through a recession. No surprise there -- it's been the essential problem, or set of problems, facing our community.

But we've also kept thinking about what comes next. Even in the depths of the downturn, we were hearing from smart folks who were doing more than hunkering down. As we wrote in a feature on Paul Johnson, CIO of regional banking heavyweight BB&T, the recession represented an opportunity to "widen the gap [with competitors] and accelerate into an eventual recovery."

Now there are signs that a recovery is approaching. A lot of pain remains, especially in the job market, and there's more to come in sectors like commercial real estate. We're wary of false dawns, and we will continue to cover the realities of this economy..

And yet bad times don't last forever, and recovery strategies will be critical to your company's prospects in the months and years ahead. We're eager to explore those stories as they emerge, and to share what we learn with you. Help us out -- let us know where you are in the cycle, and what your plans are for the near future.


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