Fauxpen Source Politics?


The Republican National Committee is opening its platform-writing process to the public. "All comments and feedback will be reviewed and taken into full consideration as we prepare for our convention in Minneapolis-St. Paul," says the website, which went live today. "We hope that this process will guarantee the greatest amount of public input into any platform in American history!"

Color me cyncial, but I'm guessing the platform committee has a pretty firm grasp on its product already. McClatchy's Barbara Barrett has a smart take on the project: "What the site certainly will generate for the Republican National Committee is a ready-to-go database of contact names for future fund-raising. Users will be required to register in order to comment."

At the least, the voice of the people will be moderated. As my Senator, Richard Burr, told McClatchy, "We realize there will need to be a screening process for things that aren't appropriate to be on there. We're going to have to be very vigilant on that."


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