Fair use, ill-used


Bloggers -- including reporters working under the company banner -- love the fair use provisions of copyright law, which let us quote and excerpt the work of others (and vice versa) as part of the new media info-stream.

Things can get complicated, but usually work out pretty well.

But even absolutists in the realm of fair use should think twice about this report on "the fair use economy" from the Computer & Communications Industry Association, or at least consider Nick Carr's vivisection of said report:

Even by the woeful standards of the bespoke research industry, this study is a crock. It's not just bad; it's absurd...You can be, as I am, a strong advocate of liberal fair-use rules and a strong opponent of onerous copyright restrictions and still be appalled by this kind of fake research. Can't industry groups make their points without stretching the truth beyond recognition and, in the process, insulting everyone's intelligence? Fair use deserves better.


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