John Slemmer April 21, 2009 10:11 am

The entire C-level should be changing to catch up with society. Technology, economic and generational change are all pressuring the aging baby boomers to move behind the "butts-in-seats" mentality of measuring performance with unrelated parameters. Modern C-level managers need to retain the best and motivate the rest to achieve top results from each, and therefore the organization. This means taking a real interest, backed by actions, in the well-being of the employees, their careers and lives. Lip service and self-serving or one-sided policies won't cut it with Gen-X or Y. The days of disaffected CEOs living in their own self-centered/self-serving worlds are over. True leadership means listening, giving back, and allowing the employees at lower levels more decision making authority and flexibility to create the innovative changes that will propel the company forward.