Conservatives Channel Their Inner Obama


A new blogging effort looks to build a new brand for conservatism. But has Barack Obama's movement already stolen all the Web mojo? Ed Cone, our resident political watcher, just posted an interview with Jon Henke, one of the founders of The Next Right, a blog aimed at bringing some conservative activism to the Web.

I'm a political junkie myself, so I found the topic interesting and timely. Barack Obama's landmark campaign has channeled the Web to create an enormous grassroots movement and raise a ton of cash, so the GOP clearly is playing catch-up.

But is The Next Right enough? John McCain's recent admission that he's not exactly Web-savvy ruffled many right-wing bloggers (and inspired some inspired satire). No one can predict what will happen in November, but one thing's for sure: the GOP is struggling to match online enthusiasm for Democrats.

We all know the Internet is playing it's biggest role ever in the presidential campaign, so it's only natural that the right starts taking advantage. My bet: The Next Right has potential for dramatic success in the long term, but one initiative won't turn the tables. That's not saying that Obama will win, but he should handily win the Web election.

Another tech issue for both parties: an influx of new voters and experimentation with new voting technologies could make Election Night a long one...