CIOs and the Consumerization of IT


Consumer technologies are invading the enterprise more than ever before.

Gartner Fellow Mark Raskino asserts in a new research note that January 2010 will go down as a watershed month for this trend.

He bases his reasoning on three events:

China and Google: Google said it would cease censoring search results in China after alleged cyberattacks. Separately, China criticized an American decision to sell weapons to Taiwan. Commentators linked the two incidents as similarly significant.

Samsung: Full-year revenue of $117.8 billion made Samsung the largest technology company in the world (previously, HP was largest). Samsung makes corporate technologies such as semiconductors, PCs and storage equipment. However, over half its revenue comes from TV, mobile phones and other digital media devices.

Apple and the WEF: In Davos, prime ministers, CEOs and leading economists discussed Haiti, global banking regulation, post-Copenhagen carbon management, and other matters of high geopolitical and economic importance. The same week, Apple announced its new iPad tablet device. News of the latter displaced the former--even The Economist dedicated its front cover to Steve Jobs.

He follows with these tips for CIOs:

- Ensure that the consumerization of IT is always factored into business strategy development exercises (No. 1 of the T list in PESTEL analysis).

- Set corporate policy to synchronous engagement with consumer IT. Ensure that the

technology on which the company depends for external interactions is also internalized

by use.

- Collaborate with peer CIOs to "make the market" for corporate versions of valuable new

technologies, which will otherwise remain isolated in consumer markets for increasingly

lengthy periods.

Solid tips.

A few top-notch CIOs--like FedEx's Rob Carter and Google's Ben Fried--have told us their view on educating their IT and business leaders about consumer technologies. And others have some sharp thinking about utilizing social media technologies and mobility for business gain.

What are you doing at your company? How are you trying to make the most of consumer technologies in your enterprise?


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