CIO Summit: Sustainability


Talking sustainability.

Gary Bourland, Lexmark: Business benefits of green and sustainable IT, and the right thing to do. Not a fad. Recycling good, we do a lot of it, but 2/3 of cos don't know how much they print, most don't know how many printers and copiers they have.

Europe, which is thought to be very environmentally conscious, maybe not so much. In UK, 50% printed matter is wasted. US, average office worker prints 10,000 pages a year, higher given role and industry -- maybe 15K/year.

Measuring carbon footprint of devices: paper is the big user. So 80% of carbon footprint is directly tied to the number of pages moving thru machine. Energy consumption is important, recycling is too, but you can't get away from paper use in terms of carbon footprint. Print less. Do ti via global approach. Print smarter in numerous ways.

Russ Thyret, Coca-Cola Enterprises: Global framework articulates goals, capabilities, and values. It's part of IT culture. IT strategy is focused on simplification and eliminating waste. Changes (reduced printers, etc) over three years exceed goals, then we raised bar with print-fleet management program. Big cost savings, too. So we're dong more.


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