Arthur August 27, 2013 5:39 am

With all the unemployed poplee hovering at near 10% officially more unofficially you mean to tell me CEO cannot find qualified help. That is BS. The real issue it they do not want to pay qualified poplee what they are worth. So they make excuses to be able to hire H1Bs and L1As. They can pay them less and goat them in to working longer hours for free with threat of losing their work status.Another part is that most CEOs expect a tech to be master in many areas not only in providing main fame support but also networking, virtual , remote, minis such as sun workstations, PCs both c2bf Microsoft and Mac based, updating , database use SQL, inventory control, and support desk. Plus do this on a 24 7 365 days a year. Itc2bfs a lot to ask and individuals become burned out. Families and home life need to be a consideration.As for federal agencies right after 9-11 I applied to a government agency which monitors all telephone calls via computes picking up on key phases. At the time I was told while my skills were excellent but that branch of government required one to be under 45 years old.