Battle of the Television Titans?


Disney is joining the team at Hulu, which means that the teevee-on-the-web service is now partnered with three of the four major networks.

That means a lot more programming, new and old, will be available to watch online.

And it means that another powerful company may join the fight against bandwidth caps.

On one side, you've got the cable companies, who don't want to lose viewers to the web. That battle extends beyond the consumer-pricing front to lobbying and legislation.

On the other side you have broadband customers, politicians including the powerful Chuck Schumer, and companies like Google.

Now you've got to think that Disney and its partners, including GE and News Corp., want people to watch all that video they're pumping through Hulu, and thus don't want constraints on web viewership. It will be interesting to see if they take an active role in the broadband pricing fight.