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"Contrary to popular belief, female scientists, engineers, and technologists exist in large numbers but are abandoning their professions in droves. The Athena Factor, a new Harvard Business Review Research Report, examines the female brain drain to find out what's causing it, and how to stop it."

It may be contrary to popular belief, but the declining number of women in IT is not news to our readers. Just saying.

That's not a knock on the HBR report, which follows our work in some depth and offers some practical examples of what companies are doing to fight the brain drain.

There are no silver bullets, and quantitative evidence of the success of diversity programs and their impact on the bottom line remains thin on the ground, according to one of the report's authors, Karen Sumberg.

I'm reporting a feature now on managing diversity. It seems to me that most execs have internalized the need for diversity, and the business case for it. One thing that makes managing it so hard is that diversity is a moving target -- it changes over time, with globalization, demographics, and the broader culture (e.g., sexual orientation as a workplace issue).


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