A peek inside Google


Dare Obasanjo says, "Now that Google is just another big software company, lots of people are comparing it to other big software companies like Microsoft and finding it lacking."

Obasanjo, a Microsoft program manager, isn't exactly an uninterested party, and we've known for a while that Google is in many ways another big company, although its iconic status remains secure for the moment. But the piece is interesting nonetheless for any manager caught up in the war for talented people.

Touching directly on some key issues is the discussion of how Google operates by Sergey Solyanik, who just returned to Redmond from the Googleplex. Solyanik outlines a lot of the things he likes about Google, including peer-driven performance reviews ("The idea that a manager is far easier to fool than the co-workers are is sound and largely works") and flat-org approaches to governance.

Solayanik also says, "Google as an organization is not geared - culturally - to delivering enterprise class reliability to its user applications." Interesting to see how that statement holds up as both Google and the enterprise culture continue to evolve.


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