7 Things CIOs Should be Thinking About in 2013


By Samuel Greengard

Let's face it, CIOs probably have the toughest job in the enterprise right now: managing information technology decisions that determine whether their organization soars or stumbles in the months ahead. Here are seven keys to help you successfully manage enterprise IT in 2013.

  • Social media is your new best friend. It's one thing to use social media in routine ways, such as monitoring social sites and communications with customers. It's quite another to position social media at the center of the enterprise and use it to amp up real-time knowledge exchange, analytics capabilities, business insights and more.
  • A flexible IT framework is paramount. Once upon a time, huge enterprise systems ruled the world. That was before cloud computing, ITaaS, IaaS, SaaS, iPads and iPhones. Today's IT infrastructure and systems must be designed for maximum speed, agility and flexibility. No exceptions.
  • Dismiss big data at your own risk. Yes, big data has devolved into a buzzword. But this doesn't make the concept any less relevant--or applicable. In the future, organizations that tap into the ever-growing mélange of structure and unstructured data sources will achieve maximum velocity and superior business results.
  • Let your younger employees be your master. Today, the rules of business and IT are being rewritten on the fly. In the olden days (a decade or so ago) knowledge was imparted downward through the organization. That's not necessarily the case today--particularly with emerging mobile tools and social media. Savvy CIOs cultivate this expertise through reverse mentoring and innovation teams.
  • Get cozy with the CMO. Nowhere are the footprints of mobility and social media more apparent than in the marketing arena, where big data, analytics, digital wallets, geolocation services and more are turning the field upside down. CIOs must work closely with CMOs to unleash technology in new and powerful ways, including the next generation of consumer apps and features.
  • Become a BYOD enterprise. The war is over. BYOD has won. This means switching to an app store mentality and embracing new tools, technologies and governance methods. It means completely rethinking enterprise systems and remapping the way information is exchanged and consumed throughout the business ecosystem.
  • Make mobility your mantra. The post-PC era has arrived. Today, it's critical to think beyond smartphones and tablets and focus on digital lifestyles and interactions, including connections to social media, geolocation services and digital wallets, and how all of this comes together to create new possibilities…and opportunities.



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