Randy Littleson February 11, 2010 6:08 pm

Great article. I really liked your comment about "stop paying for software you don't use." It's clear that in business today the application has become strategic -- it runs the business in many cases. Yet, we continue to find that most companies lack a strategic solution for managing application usage. At best this is done tactically; at worst it's not done at all. One of the primary reasons companies are unable to stop paying for the software they don't use is because they don't know what they do and don't use. Understanding application usage as it relates to your entitlements is at the heart of being able to buy what you need and use what you've bought. Many large enterprises have achieved best-in-class status when it comes to discounts, but now find themselves asking "what's next?" in terms of managing application spend. As the application has become strategic, more and more companies are asking what their strategic solution is for application usage management.