You are the network


Spent yesterday in meetings with all the Ziff Davis Enterprise publications, talking strategy, especially online strategy.

It occurred to me that CIO Insight already serves a network -- a relatively small group of senior execs and those who aspire to join them or sell to them. These people -- you people -- are connected by common interests and face common problems.

So a lot of the hard work in creating a social network -- identifying and developing an organic community -- has been done. Now we need to work on the "social" part.

Our job is to use the tools at our disposal, online and in print and in person, to serve that network, and to draw out your wisdom and feed it back to the group, continuously and with increasing value over time. We can connect the nodes on the network and help bring the collective intelligence of the community to the fore in all kinds of useful ways.

A key will be getting more participation and input from you. We've always interviewed you for our articles, and published your letters. Lately we've added blog comments and online discussion. If we're clever, you'll find yourselves becoming a more visible part of your own community.

Suggestions welcome.


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