Endangayay August 27, 2013 6:31 am

Your comment "In the darkset hours, leaders put themselves personally at risk for the good of their team" is one that is an incredibly hard bar to reach. I agree that it sets the best leaders apart - but I think that expecting leaders who sacrifice for their team above all else often has unintended consequences.As a single servicemember, it was relatively straightforward to put my life on hold when someone on my team needed top cover. As a family man now, when I put myself at risk for my team, or put extra hours in to support my team, I put my relationship with my family at risk and potentially I put their livelihood at risk.I've met plenty of great self-sacrificing leaders who I loved working for because they gave me that supportive top-cover, who ended up divorced at 50 because of all of the time they spent focused on their team/work/employees.It's a hard balancing act. I hope my family would understand if I put my career at risk for the good of the team, but I also hope I'm never in the position of having to make that decision.