Why the Preceding Blog Post is Wrong About Twitter


Tony Kontzer posts an entertaining and insightful rant about Twitter.

The micromessaging service is overexposed, and people do use it for all kinds of silly things.

But the Twitter backlash is very similar to the backlash against blogging when that medium was new a few years ago, right down to the critiques of trivial posts and the silly-sounding name.

Guess what: blogs turned out to be kind of important, in and of themselves and as a step into the new world of publishing that we're still figuring out.

Facebook and social networking once seemed like dopey kid stuff. Now, not.

Twitter is another step on that journey. The messaging aspect -- status culture -- is powerful, and the market intelligence aspect is, too.

So roll your eyes at the silly stuff, of which there is plenty.

But don't lose sight of the importance of Twitter (and similar services) to business.