When Will Obama Name a National Tech Czar?


Ericka Chickowski is up with a post about President Barack Obama kind of naming a national cybersecurity czar. She's wondering: what's the hold-up?

When I saw that, I immediately thought the same thing. But not about the cybersecurity chief--instead, I'm wondering when President Obama will name a national technology leader.

That new role could be enormous, as we've written before. Plenty of names have been bandied about for the job, but we're not hearing many signs of when the person will actually be installed.

On the heels of the fight over the stimulus and the gigantic challenges his administration faces, naming a national CIO (or CTO--it doesn't really matter) should be a top priority.

What falls under that person's purview will be just as important. What do you think the incoming U.S. tech czar should be responsible for?


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