Branka August 27, 2013 6:43 am

Robert, I don't want sexy enterprise sowaftre, I want functional enterprise sowaftre. A great UI would be helpful, but there's a lot more to enterprise sowaftre than a pretty face.Also, why is BillG talking about enterprise sowaftre. At Microsoft, enterprise sowaftre is selling 500 seats of Office. Now Oracle and SAP are premier enterprise sowaftre companies. Microsoft could learn a thing or two from Oracle and SAP.When I moved from Microsoft to Oracle, it was like moving to another planet. Oracle is what enterprise sowaftre is all about. Microsoft, well, Microsoft should stick to selling copies of Office.And note that where Microsoft gets the most traction with their apps such as Microsoft CRM and the Dynamics line in general is with SMEs, not the G2000.Take a look at who runs Oracle or SAP apps. Compare this list to who runs Microsoft apps. How many G2000 companies are primarily running Microsoft Dynamics?I rest my case.