What's Cloud Computing's Future?


A heads-up to all the cloud computing enthusiasts out there: I'll be moderating a panel at the May 20 MIT Sloan CIO Symposium in Cambridge.

The panel, "Head in the Clouds, Feet on the Ground," will look at the potential for cloud, as well as what CIOs need to do in evaluating options and selling them to their bosses. (Click here and scroll down to see more.)

OK, OK. This isn't shameless self-promotion. In fact, it's a call to action: I want your help.

The cloud has obviously been buzzing around the IT-sphere for a few years now, with Nicholas Carr really bringing it to the forefront in his latest book, The Big Switch.

IT leaders weighed in after our interview with Carr, but I want to hear the latest thinking. A few questions:

- What do you expect the state of cloud computing will be a year from now?

- What are the biggest obstacles or risk CIOs face in considering a move to cloud computing?

- How strongly is the recession affecting your view of venturing into the cloud?

- How receptive are non-IT executives to cloud computing? What tactics have you used to sell them on the cloud's potential?

Sound off! Your comments will help me shape the content of our panel discussion...which, by the way, will be webcast live. Check back on the MIT Sloan CIO Symposium site to see details.


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