Web 2.0: Does Your Company Have the Right Mindset?


Businesses often rush into implementing Web 2.0 applications, and the results are poor. Do too many companies approach Web 2.0 the wrong way? "Dull" and "drab" are a few terms outsiders could use to describe IT. Those words probably cross the minds of business executives and non-IT workers from time to time.

But they're worse when they describe how businesses are using some of the flashiest technologies around. And that's just what Forrester Research did in characterizing many businesses' Web 2.0 efforts.

As Ed Cone points out, Web 2.0 applications are a new, exciting gateway to customers and for keeping the pulse of what they're thinking. The problem is, businesses just don't seem to be doing Web 2.0 right.

Craig Kensek responded to Ed's story, writing: "You can't just do the Web 2.0 talk ... Web 2.0 is a new set of tools, as well as a new mindset of dealing directly with the customer."

Too many companies rush into the Web 2.0 world, opting for buzzed-up tools instead of finding strategic uses and implementing them carefully. Businesses need to explore Web 2.0, but they need to pick tools that fit their business, and not be afraid to make a few mistakes along the way, Kensek adds.

Do you think your IT shop has the right mindset about Web 2.0? Or is it wasting time and money implementing applications that don't deliver any value?


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