Catalina August 27, 2013 5:01 am

they believe that "government" is mtolsy federal. It is not. What does Google Apps offer the majority of government: A. State Government; B. Municipal Government; C. State and City colleges and universities;D. Public School Districts; Special Taxing Districts;E. Public UtilitiesA through E operates under different accounting standards (federal government operates under FASAB while the others operate under GASB). As people pay taxes directly to us while the federal side taxes are not as close to federal agencies, unlike the federal government the rest of us are closer to citizens, residents, taxpayers, ratepayers, and service users.Except for the public sector use of the mapping features in your examples, what other municipalities are using Google Apps?Q1. If Google successfully gets on the GSA Schedule (a federal government simplified procurement tool), then will Google allow those of us who are Government but not Federal and cannot utilize the GSA Schedule to utilize these price breaks?Q2. What is Google's view of the community cloud at the state and municipal government level?Q3. The Federal Information Security Management Act(FISMA)is geared toward federal systems and, where grant and transfer payment technologies are concerned, does not affect us. What could we take form the FISMA security safety standards to assure our elected and appointed officials, particularly auditors, how going to Google Apps would benefit us?Q4. I looked at the Apps.Gov selections, and there is nothing applicable to states, municipalities, public school districts, or public colleges and universities. As there is a bigger market with all of the other governments who are in need of cloud-based applications, and the fact that our governments provide distinct services from the federal government, how does Google plan to fill this gap for the other governments?I think that this is exciting, however, it appears that Google should consider taking this "Conceptual" framework to a "Logical" framework for implementation within other government environments, and the "Physical" implementation to enable the other governments to pass their data (ARRA, grants, etc.) from their existing systems to the federal governments systems.Just a thought.