User driven


"The right and wrong way to do tech," Dave Winer modestly headlines a recent post about Apple (Goofus) and Amazon (Gallant).

Amazon creates a service for developers, charges them money, and never asks what you're using the service for. They're happy to help, as long as you pay your bill.
Apple hires people who do the best they can to follow the orders from the top, and end up rejecting a magic trick app because it confuses the user (which of course is the point). Because there's no money in rejected software they can't afford to spend time with the developer to figure out whether they made a mistake.
And he was right back with this one, called "Programming wisdom."

Winer writes with the perspective of a software developer, and an entrepreneur, and an industry veteran, but most of all as a user. The first three inform his posts, and the last one often makes them profound in ways that CIOs would do well to consider.


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