Josh Gibbs August 14, 2008 2:35 pm

For advertising purposes, Twitter is a great tool for getting the word out for special events, promotions and daily specials for various vendors. Many people criticize the service for not having a broad enough reach, but consider the reach of those who have adopted it. For example, let's say that I work for the city of Atlanta and we are hosting a summer concert series downtown. Sure, I can post up expensive billboards, flyers and other types of expensive traditional media. But what's more is that I can log on to Twitter, create a profile with the key words "Atlanta, Music, Concerts, etc." and tweet about tonight's headliners. People following related keywords will see this information and pass it along to their friends, family, and coworkers. Also, a great deal of these early adopters are social influencers such as journalists and bloggers. If one or a handful of them catches wind of this information, it will spread like wildfire. Thus, I think Twitter is a great way to quickly get the word out about any sort of event or special going on in a local area. Currently, there is no way to disperse a message on a grand scale, but for small, geographic targeting, it is perfect.