Top 10 Disruptive IT Trends


This blog is supposed to have a futuristic bent, so this time of year can be fun: It's when everyone starts unleashing their "predictions" of IT trends for the coming year.

IT services firm CSC is out with an early (and interesting) list. According to CSC, a new wave of technologies--especially digital--are disrupting the way businesses operate.

Here's their list, with a bit of my own context:

1. New Media

Call it Web 2.0 or whatever you choose: tools like video and blogs change distribution of information as dramatically as the Internet redefined the brochure.

2. Augmented Reality

A blending of virtual and physical reality boost experimentation in the workplace and spotlight a need for collaborative skills.

3. Social Networks

Got a business problem? Do what many companies do: use corporate social networks to find skilled workers and experts.

4. Information Transparency

New technologies and tools bring pertinent data to the forefront, breaking through old silos and giving businesses a clearer vision of information.

5. Web Waves

Software defined- and cognitive radio replace traditional TV and radio, powering new devices to use airwaves as needed.

6. 3D Printing

Too futuristic? Think again. 3D printing will allow anyone to obtain parts and designs straight from the Web.

7. Molecular Computing

Biomedicine gets a boost from technology that allows researchers to better work within the human body.

8. Cloud Computing

It's all the buzz, and for good reason: the "cloud" may well replace the business world's view of the traditional data center.

9. Semantics

Information becomes more useful through semantics, which boosts interoperability and innovation in service availability.

10. Web as Reasoning Engine

Who says the Web makes us dumber? As the Web progresses, it will give businesses more ammo for decision making.

We're currently fielding our future trends survey; check out last year's findings for what IT leaders expected this year...and still foresee for down the road.

CSC's list is among the first of many predictions on the way for 2009. What trends do you think will prevail?