The Wal-Mart iPhone: Why You Care


Speculation over the price of iPhones at Wal-Mart misses the bigger story, which is the ultimate mainstreaming of smartphone technology.

Sure, $99 is a magic number, but monthly service charges are the big cost for mobile devices, and the rumored super-cheap price would apply only to the least-sexy version of the iPhone.

Somebody's going to be selling very nice smartphones for very low prices soon enough, and ubiquity is around the corner for pocket computers. Meanwhile, whatever its pricing strategy (and I'd bet that it commands a premium), Apple wants to be a heartland brand and compete in the mass market.

And I noticed that BlackBerry ads were a major part of my sports-television weekend, pitched to everyday consumers instead of business users.

We've seen the cycle with PCs, email, IM, and social nets: consumers adopt, business are forced to follow. Consumer adoption of pocket computers is about to hit critical mass. Is your IT shop ready?


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