The iPhoning of the Enterprise


In February, Bob Rudis said "iPhone has quite a long way to go before it can weave its way - officially - into corporate IT standards."

In March, Apple and Microsoft announced that iPhones could connect with Microsoft Exchange. The NYT describes that deal as "dagger aimed at the heart of R.I.M.'s strength in the corporate market."

In April, Apple claims that one-third of Fortune 500 companies are interested in giving iPhones to their employees.

At this rate, the iPhone will dominate the corporate market by June.

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2 Comments for "The iPhoning of the Enterprise"

  • al MCd April 29, 2008 10:20 am

    The only problem I see with this statement, is that ususally the I/T department decides on the rollout of e-mial synced devices. The user is rarely given the choice of device to use. The installed base is BES servers linked to Groupwise, domino, and exchange. It will take more then a few months to displace that base. I would say years. RIM will have touch screen version out in a month or two. Honestly this is more about interface then device. The BES server is what drives the devices sales. Control and security are built right in. If I want to I can disable the camera on a RIM device from my server. Without even talking to the user.

  • Joe Sokohl April 28, 2008 3:59 pm

    I completely agree that we'll see iPhones appear more in corporate circles. Were they to make a camera-less version, I think corporate adoption might be even faster. Regardless, the strong attachment that iPhone users have to these devices means that users will increasingly demand that their companies provide them with iPhones. It's not just about usability--it's about desirability, as well. Now, if U.S. telecos could get their act together and provide better service as well...

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