The Internet-powered Presidency


"President-elect Barack Obama's 3 million campaign volunteers got re-enlistment notices this week." Here's a look at the agenda.


[Organizing guru Marshall] Ganz makes three really important points: The first is that we've never had a president enter office with an organizing social movement attached to him, and there's no precedent for thinking about how the participants in that movement have a voice in his presidency. The second is that this movement isn't going away, and the critical question isn't "who's going to get the list" but how will this movement govern itself. The third, which is somewhat of an open secret, is that there is a group of organizers meeting in Chicago right now trying to figure this out, and Ganz believes that their deliberations should be more open. "I think it's important to create the public space for this kind of discussion," he told me.
That last line is critical. The ability to interact directly with the people represents a potential shift of power to the White House that we don't yet fully understand, and that may not be wholly positive.


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