The Geek's Vacation Guide


By Susan Nunziata

Do you have a Geek's Bucket List of places you'd like to visit before you die? I know I do. Among the geekiest places I've had the pleasure of touring are: a CD manufacturing plant in Terre Haute, IN [remember those?]; the Hall of Science in Corona, NY, on the grounds of the former World's Fair; the Intrepid Air and Space Museum in NYC; the Smithsonian Air and Space Museum in D.C.; and the Hayden Planetarium in NYC (notice a trend here?)

Now, my esteemed colleagues at eWeek have assembled the 2010 Geek's Vacation Guide for your summertime pleasure. Take a look and let me know how many of these places you've been to, or plan to visit this summer. I also welcome your ideas on other great vacation destinations for those of us who are geeky at heart.


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